Thursday, May 28, 2020

Orthodox Moments

© / Mircea Florescu

Patriarchal Cathedral in Bucharest courtyard filled by believers once again

© / Raluca Ene

The first Sunday Divine Liturgy people were allowed to attend after the end of the national state of emergency in Romania

Holy icon (1857) / Patriarchal Church of Saint George – Ecumenical Patriarchate, Phanar

Sunday of the Samaritan Woman

© Orthodox Metropolis of Zambia

The bell

© Orthodox Metropolis of Zambia

Ring the bell!

© Nikos-Giorgos Papachristou

The prayer of the Patriarch


Decani Monastery, World Heritage medieval monument

© Metropolis of Belgium

The number of Orthodox Christians in Belgium is estimated at more than 150,000, served by almost 100 clergymen in more than 80 parishes

© Patriarchate of Jerusalem

The Miracle of the Holy Light

© Archdiocese of Australia

There is no lack of smart people in our society, but of humble ones

© Orthodox Metropolis of Zambia

Holy Thursday is the saddest day in Christian faith

© Orthodox Metropolis of Zambia

A different Pascha for all of us this year


We offer you incense, Christ our God; receive it on your heavenly altar, and send down to us in return the grace of your all-holy Spirit

source: @ascetic_experience

The Mystery of the Holy Unction (Mount Athos)

source: @orthodox_life_33

“Christ prayed for those that crucified Him”

source: @ascetic_experience

The fountain of tears is greater than baptism (Mount Athos)

source: @orthodoxchurchesglobal

Dear Jesus, save our world (Moscow)

© ascetic experience

The monks in Vatopedy Monastery pray to honor the Virgin Mary.

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